Test Bundle 5

Motorola MSL400

400-Lumen Rechargeable Smart Color Changing Outdoor Bluetooth LED with USB Charging Power Bank LUMO Lantern

The World's Smartest Outdoor Lantern brought to you by Motorola Outdoor. We've combined the latest smart technology and cutting edge design to create a beautiful, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. You can control it from a distance, changing the brightness, choosing the color, or setting it to flash, all with a Bluetooth app on your smartphone. The lanterns also come with weather sensors which can even alert you to possible changes in weather. It's light years ahead!


  • Bluetooth connectivity from IOS and Android devices with free App.
  • Dimmable brightness up to 400 lumens
  • 16 million color settings
  • Real time weather information
  • USB out for charging devices
  • Power: 30 nights (Low) and 8 nights (High)
  • USB out for charging devices
  • Water-resistant (IPX4)
  • 4 x D cell batteries (alkaline or rechargeable not included)