Life+Gear 41-3821 Two-Person Waterproof 72-Hour Premium Survival & Emergency Dry-Bag Backpack Kit

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• Ideal for taking on outdoor adventures or keeping at home;• Designed for lengthy emergencies;• Bag can be used for water storage when empty;• Kit includes:;• Two 3,600 calorie food bars (5-year shelf life);• 12 x 4.225 oz. water packets (5-year shelf life);• 2 clear emergency ponchos;• 2 silver survival reflective blankets;• 1 orange emergency tent;• 4 PE zip-lock bags;• Dynamo kinetic flashlight;• 2 LED glowstick flashlights;• Instruction card;• Content list;• 40 waterproof matches;• 40g burn gel ;• Opp bag for inside item;• Instruction card stitched in bag;• Waterproof dry bag;• 10 adhesive bandages;• 2 knuckle bandages;• 2 butterfly closures;• 2 nonsterile conforming stretch gauze;• Pair of large nitrile non-sterile gloves;• 2 bags of sterile gauze pads;• 6 safety pins;• Roll of plastic tape;• Plastic tweezer;• PE bag;• Bottle of hand sanitizer;• Quick reference guide;• Cold compress;• ACE(TM) brand bandage;• Pair of scissors;• Small roll of toilet paper;• 8 alcohol pads;• 2 disinfecting cleaning wipes;• Moleskin;• 30ft paracord;• 5-in-1 tool with whistle;• Multi-blade tool knife;• 2 survival towels;• Mini roll of duct tape;• 20 water purification tablets;