Motorola Outdoor LUMO MSL150 Hybrid Lantern + Flashlight (with Thermometer & Compass)

  • $39.99

Our LUMO MSL150 lantern + flashlight is a compact light source. It is versatile, lightweight, bright and comes with smart modules that provide multiple functions for your outdoor needs.

This hybrid design allows the frosted lantern to collapse into a powerful flashlight for more focused lighting.

Our unique smart module technology allows users to add different functions to the lantern depending on their need.

The MSL150 comes with a digital thermometer and a glow-in-the dark compass. We also offer other modules such as a Bluetooth speaker, panic alarm, mosquito repellent and power bank.



- 180 Lumens Flashlight

- 160 Lumens Lantern

- Collapsible lantern and flashlight

- Adjustable Stand

- Water-resistant IPX4

- Uses four 1.5V AA alkaline (not included)

- It also can use rechargeable AA batteries via the micro-USB charging port

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