DEWALT is highly regarded for its high-quality and reliable products. You may best know them for their quality tools, but they have now entered the walkie talkie / two way radio market. A perfect addition to take to your job site.

DEWALT's current radio models are designed to use 22 FRS frequencies, which can be used license-free by both business to business users and end-users.

These heavy duty radios are designed to hold up in the rough and tough job site environment, but they are also great for personal use around your home or your tool shed and workshop.

They hold their radios to the same standards as their tools. DEWALT's heavy duty walkie talkies include an industry-leading limited LIFETIME warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer.

Proud to be an Authorized DEWALT Dealer. 

When you purchase your DEWALT walkie talkies from Buy Two Way Radios, you can be confident that you will receive full support and full warranty from the manufacturer!