Campsite Bundle 1

Amplify your adventure with Campsite Bundles from Trekr Tech!

Each of our signature Campsite Bundles feature a campsite cooking setup, a pair of walkie talkies, an outdoor lighting solution, a bluetooth audio unit, and a survival hatchet.  So whether its to your backyard or the backwoods, our bundles have everything you need for a safe and successful journey!


Bundle Includes:


BioLite CSX2001 Portable Wood Camp Stove Cooking System 1pcs
Cobra CXT385 23-Mile Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies 1pcs
BioLite PLC1001 Bluetooth Lantern & Power Hub 1pcs
Motorola MWR800C Rechargeable with Hand Crank 3-in-1 Weather Radio, Power Bank, LED Flashlight 1pcs
Cold Steel 90FH Cold Steel 90FH Frontier Hawk Survival Hatchet 1pcs