Why a Walkie Talkie is a Critical Asset for your Outdoor Adventure Gear

When we think about walkie talkies now a days, we often think of them as communication options of the past or typically what we see only used on and around a construction site. Yet, it can be often overlooked how critical these small handheld devices can be as they promise a reliable and secure form of communication for all your hiking, camping, snowboarding/skiing, and every other outdoor recreational activity needs. Since being outside and adventuring is such an enjoyable and popular past time, it is a necessary practice to sit down and consider the ‘what if’s’ when planning out your next exciting journey. These ‘what if’s’ could easily become large and overwhelming "now what's" such as accidents, injuries,or unexpected bad weather conditions so it is critical to have a reliable Plan B to help get you to safety. No matter the size of the situation and or problem at hand, it is in one’s best interest to be as readily prepared as possible for whatever life or mother nature wants to throw in your way. 

 As technology has evolved, walkie talkies have progressed right along with it. It is now standard to have such features as being weatherproof, multi-channel, hands free, and rechargeable. There are also a number of additional features that most radios have such as NOAA weather alerts and built in LED lights for easy visibility and illumination at night.  One might ask "but I already have a cell phone, why do I also need a walkie talkie?"  Well, unlike radios, cell phones rely on towers and networks so there is always a chance that while venturing into nature your cell phone won't be in range.  Comparatively, two way radios communicate directly to one another which allows for off-the-grid service when you need it most, plus the other great features that help keep you informed and aware so you can get the most out of your outdoor activities without worry.

So when you're looking to properly prep for your safety and survival needs, a walkie talkie is the safest and most reliable option to make sure you stay connected when it matters most.  These small electronic products could truly make the difference for you in case of disaster and when in doubt, are forms of technology and communication you will always be able to depend on. Ranging from family pack options to hands free options in a large range of colors, everything you could want, or need is offered in a walkie talkie. Here at Trekr Tech, we strongly support the need and love for adventure and are dedicated to making each one of your experiences’ better with the help of our safe and easy to use outdoor products.

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