Walkie Talkie Update: Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise, the ability to communicate has become more critical than ever.  Unfortunately, working to fight the spread of the virus has made communications more difficult. It's essential to take additional precautions from sanitizing equipment to social distancing. We will highlight how to disinfect your walkies properly and how to use walkie talkies to promote safe social distancing measures. 


To avoid unnecessary spread, you'll want to properly clean and sanitize your walkie talkies between users. Walkie talkies can collect thousands of germs because we hold them up to our mouths and speak directly into them. Below you'll find some tips to get rid of those germs to stop the spread, without damaging your walkies. 

  • Be sure to turn your walkie talkie radios OFF before cleaning them.
  • Do NOT submerge the radios into any cleaning liquid, or spray the cleaner directly onto the radio, this can cause over-saturation. Liquid could soak into cracks on the device and potentially cause severe damage.
  • An anti-bacterial wipe is one reliable way to sanitize your walkie talkie properly. But before using it, make sure to squeeze out all of the excess liquid in the wipe. It can be damp to the touch, just not dripping with cleaner.   
  • Last but not least, the best method for cleaning & sanitizing your walkie talkies is to spray an anti-bacterial cleaner directly to a microfiber cloth, and then use that cloth to clean your radio.
  • Once again, making sure that the cloth isn't sopping wet—to avoid over-saturating your radio and potentially causing damage.

It is essential to do the best you can to prevent any spread of germs in all situations. An easy way to help is to clean your walkie talkie after each use with this simple guide!

Tips on Using Your Walkie Talkies for Social Distancing

Walkie talkies are simple for people of all ages to use and convenient for promoting social distancing while our country deals with COVID-19. Even many of us use cell phones for our primary mode of communication. However, walkie talkies are a great alternative and superior to cell phones in many applications to keep us all connected.


For Families: 

If you've tested positive for Coronavirus, are coming home from abroad, or being asked to quarantine, it can be hard to maintain separation in your home. Walkie talkies offer an excellent way for the quarantined individual to stay in one area of the home, while their family is in another part. Two Way Radios give you instant communication but also allow you to social distance yourself. The Cobra SH130-4 is a great affordable way to do this with four economical handsets offering an 8-mile range. 


Neighborhood Watch:

While you are socially distancing from your neighbors, you can continue to communicate with a walkie talkie. It like using the app, Neighbors, but with walkie talkies! As long as your neighbors are on the same channel and within range, you can continue to patrol, making sure to continue to keep everyone updated and safe. The Cobra CXT195 is an excellent option for your neighborhood watch program. Offering a 16-mile range, 22 unique channel options, and a built-in NOAA weather alert system, the CXT195 is feature-rich at a reasonable price. 


Caring For the Elderly:

In an effort to keep people safe, nursing homes have closed their doors, not allowing family or friends to visit. Forcing many of us to interact with our loved ones through a glass window. These new protocols can be complicated, causing disruptions to support systems for those in long term care facilities. An easy way to remedy this could be giving your loved one a walkie talkie and interacting with them when you are visiting outside of the glass. The Cobra ACT220B Chat Tag is easy for anyone to use and offers hands-free operation to stop the unnecessary spread of germs.


For Children:

Schools are closing, and children are stuck at home without the ability to see their friends. I'm sure many kids are in the same boat as mine, getting restless, sometimes obnoxious, and definitely bored. You can keep the kids entertained and allow them to talk to their neighborhood friends through walkie talkies. The Cobra Hero Series comes in Special Forces Green or Police Blue and is an incredibly affordable way to offer the kids some fun, indoors or out.


Although Coronavirus has forced us to live life in new and uncharted waters, walkie talkies can provide many ways for us to stay safe and stay connected. The team at TrekrTech is here to serve you, and you're family with fast service and best in industry pricing. Shoot us a message on Facebook or contact us here if you need anything, our US-based customer service team is around and ready to help.

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