How To Pick What To Pack For Your Hiking Trip

As we all begin to plan an adventure we factor in multiple things; what landscape am I interested in adventuring? What temperature do I want to be in? Do I head to a go to spot or try somewhere new? But while we are contemplating all of these questions, we often forget that all the answers lead us to different destinations that require different hiking gear needs.


The best gear for each adventure can differ from person to person, yet there are a few things that should always be included in one’s hiking backpack. No matter where one ends up, an emergency first aid kit is a must. As you venture into the wilderness there will always be possible risks with that, and it is always a smart idea to be prepared. Another great necessity that fits perfectly in your bag should be some sort of lighting. You can put a spotlight on your adventure with options such as a lantern, headlamp, or flashlight to lead the way in times when the night sneaks up on you. Lastly, every hiking trip needs a sleek knife or a strong set of tools to help with things such as hunting, camping, or general utility.


To further individualize one’s own hiking experience, we can also think about things such as wearable pieces, speakers, cooking equipment and accessories/coolers. Multiple factors go into the decision of what to wear on your wrist when going on a trip and it can range from traditional watches to smaller Bluetooth activity tracking pieces. While some people prefer a reliable clock face, other prefer a fitness focused approach to make their hiking hard work accounted for. Next, as we venture up a mountain or through a new landscape it’s always nice to set the tone with a small, easy to carry portable speaker. Music can very easily impact one’s mood, and when adding a positive vibe at a lightweight cost it can make the experience even better. Finally, for those long hiking trips that turn into camping trips there are all different types of coolers and cooking accessories that you could bring with you if you consider yourself to be a cook. Coolers can come in all different shapes and sizes but offer endless possibilities as to what you can bring along to eat while you travel. As for cooking accessories, innovation has truly came over the hiking and camping world as it is not easy to even bring a portable propane tank with you. Whatever you feel like eating and wherever you feel like eating, this industry ha grown to allow the adventure to be the best it could possibly be.


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