Halloween Safety Must Haves: Radios

With Halloween just around the corner TrekrTech is excited to help you prepare for whatever you may need this Halloween season. Throughout our Halloween series we will share plenty of safety must haves for the whole family this October. First up in this spooky series are radios. 

Between haunted houses, trick or treating, and everything else sometimes there are some many people around you lose cell phone service or those long and haunted nights mean that your cell phone battery dies before you get a chance to reach out to reconnect with your family and friends. Especially for children and young teens that may not have a cell phone yet but need to stay connected with you, radios are a perfect option as they are simple and easy to use and will keep you connected no matter what the situation the night may throw at you. A few radios we specifically suggest are the Cobra SH130-4 Family Walkie Talkie 4 Pack, the Cobra CX190-4, and the Cobra CXT385. 

Why These Radios?

Cobra SH130-4 

Ergonomically designed radio is an affordable and compact option for everyone from the novice to the professional radio enthusiast! The 4-pack combo is ideal for family activities; amusement park, hiking, trick or treating, sightseeing and etc. Roger beep confirmation tone indicates to others it's clear to talk. Power saver circuitry extends battery life when not transmitting or receiving. Call alert provides a recognizable alert for incoming calls. With its simple and easy to use features and range of up to 8 miles you can give your children the freedom of trick or treating around the neighborhood alone but still be able to connect with them at the click of a button. 


  • Up to 8-Mile Range
  • Channels: Easy access to all channels and works with other GMRS/FRS walkie talkie two-way radios
  • Roger beep - Confirmation tone indicates to others it’s clear to talk.
  • Power saver circuitry - Unique circuit extends battery life when not transmitting or receiving.
  • Call Alert - Provides a recognizable alert for incoming calls.

Cobra CX190-4

Keep in touch while saving money with the Cobra CX190-4, walkie talkie six pack 16 Mile microTALK 2-Way Walkie Talkies!  The Cobra CX190-4 is small enough to fit in a pocket and light enough to carry almost anywhere. The CX190-4 helps you keep track of companions while at events, between vehicles on road trips, or shopping at the mall. This radio set is perfect for families on the go or for any disaster and emergency prep kit.


  • Up to 16-mile range
  • Ideal for storm and emergency prep with built-in weather radio receiver providing coverage of all government-operated weather channels
  • Unique circuit extends the life of the batteries
  • Provides an easily recognizable alert for incoming calls.
  • Easy to view LCD display provides the radio’s status at a glance
  • Speaker/microphone/charger jack allows use of wall charger or earphone speaker/microphones (not included) for hands-free operation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Includes 4 walkie talkie radios

 Cobra CXT385

The Cobra reliability you've come to expect at a price that can't be beat!  Compact design with up to 23-mile range. With weather alerts be prepared for storms and emergencies with built-in NOAA radio receiver. Voice-activated (VOX) transmission frees hands for other tasks. Five selectable tones will distinguish between different parties for incoming calls. A total of 2662 channel combinations are available when the 22 channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/83 DCS). These combinations prevent interference from other radios.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-clear long distance reception.
  • Extended range capability provides up to 23 mile range (range will vary depending on terrain and conditions).
  • Be prepared for storms and emergencies with the built-in NOAA radio receiver providing coverage of all government operated weather channels.
  • In the event of a major storm or other weather condition, NOAA broadcasts a 1050 Hz tone that this microTALK radio can detect. The radio will warn you by emitting a tone when the signal is receive and will automatically switch to the broadcasting weather channel.
  • Weather resistant to help keep out moisture.
  • If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds, the unit will automatically switch to battery save mode.

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