Three Ways to Chat with the Cobra Chat Tag

Let’s face it. We can’t live without our cell phones. We talk, we text, we surf the web… in other words, phones have become our virtual BFF.



However, cells come with cons. Overage fees, bills, dropped calls and loss of service. That’s why it’s good to have backup, and for that, you might want to consider the Cobra Chat Tag. It’s a new, innovative twist on the cliché walkie talkie- giving users reliability, crystal clear sound and a wide range spanning 12 miles.



Here are three ways you can use the Chat Tag.



1. For business



Are you a builder? In construction? The auto biz? Real estate? Communicate with co-workers with ease utilizing the Chat Tag. With 22 channels and a water resistant build, the Chat Tag allows you to talk with your colleagues without dialing or texting. And the best part: it’s totally hands free communication. You can clip the Chat Tag anywhere on your clothing – it’s small, compact, and sturdy.



2. For your family



Heading on vacation? Going camping? Letting your kids walk around the block (by themselves!) for the first time? The Chat Tag is a reliable gadget that won’t lose service when you need it most. It has up to 10 hours of battery life, giving you peace of mind when “paging” your loved ones. It also recognizes voice prompts in case of emergency. Plus, it’s fun to use- your kids will enjoy saying “Roger that!”



3. For adventure



If you’re an avid biker, hiker, or runner, simply clip the Chat Tag to your exercise gear to keep in contact with your co-fitness buffs. Ideal for groups exercisers, the Chat Tag allows you to talk back and forth with ease and simplicity. It comes equipped with a Micro-USB Charging Cable so you can always charge it on the go.