5 Essentials to Pack in your Hiking Backpack

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‘Tis time to pack that backpack and head on a hike! But before you go, make sure to you're being trek smart. Here are 5 things to pack in your hiking sack.

  1. Compass/GPS. While GPS units are very useful, always carry a map and compass as a backup, that’s why it’s recommended to always have a compass. Tip: Go for the LUMO MSL150 lantern + flashlight. It’s versatile, lightweight, and comes with a digital thermometer and a glow-in-the-dark compass.
  2. Extra water. Always have enough, especially for daylong escapades. Tip: sip slowly and often by utilizing a Camelback. Stash an extra bottle of water in your sack just in case you run out. 
  3. Extra food. Don’t go hungry- plus, snacks are a source of energy! Tip: bring a few bars geared towards hikers; they keep your tummy full.
  4. Rain gear and extra clothing. Because you just never know. Tip: consider getting a weather radio that provides you with a reliable forecast.
  5. First aid kit. You just might slip and fall!! Tip: there are plenty of prepackaged first aid kits available at mainstream retailers. Make sure to throw in a few extra Band-Aids, as well as hand sanitizer.

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